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There is no obligation for our service. The service that TheHealthInsuranceLINK provides is free to you. Medical insurance premiums are a result of careful consideration by medical insurance companies and are regulated by every state. Premiums can vary depending on the type of coverage, amount of the deductible, and benefit coverage. For a given health insurance plan you will not find a lower premium for any of the health insurance plans quoted on our website. No one can offer a lower premium. These premiums would be the same if you were to purchase your medical insurance directly from the company. There is no additional fee for our services.

Our representatives at TheHealthInsuranceLINK are available to answer all of your questions and help you make an informed decision in finding a medical insurance policy that meets your personal and financial needs. There is absolutely no sales pressure. Our continued support includes assistance in understanding your medical insurance options, assistance with the application process. We are committed to you as a client and will continue to assist you long after your coverage has been approved by the medical insurance company. You may reach us by calling our toll free number (800) 600-7001, (8am - 7pm PST M-F), or after hours and weekends by e-mail. health insurance California, medical insurance California, group health insurance California, Blue Cross California.


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